• Amelia Hope

"Home is where the heart is?"

"Home is where the heart is" they say. Quite true that, but generally people tend to misunderstand / misinterpret this. Listen clearly: "home is where the heart is" does not mean that your heart is at your home. It means that "home" is where you put your heart. Not the other way round. What do you put your heart and soul into? That's your home!

In detail, you are most at home when you are doing what makes you happiest, whether that means being at home, pursuing your career or spending time with the person you love. So no, if you're from Honolulu, your heart is not necessarily in Hololulu, albeit beautiful, it might be in whichever other place you might have moved to, or it might be travelling with you whenever you travel (if that's your passion) or wherever you go to do what you love doing the most or even everytime you are with a special someone. Now that makes more sense doesn't it?

Because not everyone's heart is necessarily at home. I, for instance, am most "at home" when I'm singing. That means that wherever I go, if I am singing, I feel at home because I am happiest when I am allowed to do what I love. Take singing out of me and I would be lost, like I am forever looking for a "home".

How about you? Where/when/how do you feel most at "home"?

The purpose of this blog post is not to explain a simple quote to you. It's about making you reflect about the meaning of it because when you understand it properly, it becomes highly inspiring. Are you actually putting your heart and soul into anything? Maybe not. Maybe this makes you realise that you still need to find your home. The best thing about this is that it doesn't require a house loan! It just requires some pro-activity. Perhaps you need to apply some little changes in your life to make it happen or perhaps not. What really matters is that you MAKE IT HAPPEN! Goodluck finding your home!

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