• Amelia Hope

Face your fears

I don't know about you but I do it all the time. There is an amazing opportunity and you think "Oh no, not me, why would they pick me out of everyone else?!" Well, guess what? Why wouldn't they? The chances are that the competition you fear, is also in the same mindset. Everyone is fearing the competition that fears their competitor, aka, YOU! The trick is to face your fears. You might win or lose when you try, but how do you even stand a chance at winning if you don't even try? The truth is, it's all in your head!

I can't even remember how many times I gave my poor stomach (and bowels!) a hard time before jumping up on stage to perform with some of the best London musicians, only to then be so humbly complimented for my performance by the same people whom I thought were so much more superior than I am. My reaction would be like: "Wow, you're telling ME that I'm good? You're a music God mate!" And from their reaction, I then realise that they were thinking exactly the same of me! Funny isn't it?

I guess that these are the perks of coming from a small country if you are open minded enough. If you're not, you'll be in your "big fish in a small pond" mentality and that's not healthy. It's in fact, one of the reasons I left my country for. It's a mentality that will give you limitations, you will think you've reached the top before you've even seen what the top looks like, let alone how it feels. But if you are well aware of how small you are, you may have just exposed the first step towards success. Why? Well to start with, you have the right attitude, you are humble and understand your current limitations. You experience the great job of others and rather than envying them, you admire them, learn from them and follow their footsteps. Besides that, let's face it... you don't want your greatest competitors as your enemies either! They will likely squash you like a cockroach. However, if they're friends, chances are that they will help you.. so if you're jealous of someone because they're doing better than you, cut that crap now! Trust me... you're only harming yourself by doing so!

So next step then, after you've done your homework / practice / studies, is to face your fears. You grow a big pair of those round, hairy things and you take a chance. Follow these steps steadily and consistently, and repeat over and over and the probability that you will eventually nail your dream gig will be very high.

So next time you are underestimating yourself or feeling less confident because your competition is fierce, remember that the same competition you fear, is fearing you too. So what's your best competitive advantage at that point? It's facing your fears!

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