Amelia Hope

"She has a very unique voice where every word was pronounced like it was rolling off of her tongue. Vocal wise she reached a lot of high notes and low ones. The music tops everything in this song though. You had your grand piano, French horns, flute and your bass giving this song a jazzy contemporary twist. She'll have lots of a fans impatiently waiting to hear more from her. I bet she'll be opening up concerts in no time for some very famous singing groups. She nailed this single with no hesitation I loved how she sung so comfortably. Everyone needs to look out for her because she's gonna take the music industry by storm."

- Reverbnation radio critics

About Amelia Hope's track: "Perplex City"

"Not one to restrict herself to any particular genre, she’s always showed an interest in experimenting with different styles. It is certainly this open-minded approach that has led her to work with several musicians and producers and landing opportunities, among them singing on local and international releases that have served as a stepping stone in her career."

- Michael Bugeja, The Sunday Times of Malta

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